Modern organisations face a growing list of complex risks that must be identified and managed. Internal audit plays a key role in this process, but is also limited: It can only audit so many processes, functions, and units, and it only has the staff and capabilities to do so much. So how does it choose what to focus on?

To learn more, MISTI partnered with Experis Finance to survey more than 600 internal auditors about their plans, priorities and concerns for the near future. event-image 252x142

The survey covered a range of topics, from how these leaders construct their audit plans to how they’re developing employees who can effectively execute those plans. Click here to download the full report. The data revealed how these increasing pressures require chief audit executives to pick and choose their focus areas—as well as their people and tools—with greater care than ever before.

In this webcast, we discuss:

◾What areas are on internal audit’s audit plan for 2017, how are they different from 2016 and how well do they align with the key risks of the organisation?

◾What areas is internal audit most worried about and how do those concerns influence audit planning and staffing?

◾What tools and strategies do internal auditors find most effective for hiring and retaining top talent?

◾What are the skills and competencies internal auditors find most desirable for their departments and which of these do they find most lacking?



MIS Training Institute and Experis Finance partnered to produce this content.