Whether you're an internal auditor, IT auditor, fraud or risk professional, MISTI provides a wealth of information aimed at answering the questions that help individuals perform their jobs better. Below you can get a rundown of Internal Audit Insights, our informative content hub that features an array of articles in various formats, featuring expert advice and commentary. For even more in-depth insight, our Resource Center features white papers, eBooks, and access to webcasts that dive into topics that relate to a wide array of professionals.

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 includes MISTI’s articles, podcasts, news items, and other content to provide individuals with leading thinking and insight to enable positive change within their organisations. Each article is intended to answer common—and not so common—questions on audit, fraud, risk and governance topics and to provide actionable takeaways to help improve individuals and their departments. It is aimed at professionals that are part of the audit, fraud, risk and governance communities—and beyond—including executives at all levels, service providers, and others that are interested in these related topics. If you're interested in contributing an article click here.

Resource Center

The MISTI resource center offers executives and practitioners free access to educational content developed and/or sponsored by leading audit companies. This content will help you better navigate some of your professional challenges and stay up-to-date on key industry trends. For sponsorship enquiries, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..