Hiring new employees is a delicate balance between finding someone that’s the right fit for the position as well as the right fit for the company itself.

An effective Employee Screening Policy can be the key differentiator, where HR hires an employee game changer, or adversely someone that negatively impacts the morale and productivity of those around them.

The value of employee screening is focused around its ability to provide companies and hiring managers with the tools necessary to place the missing puzzle pieces for the job at hand. Not only does employee screening ensure you find the right candidate, it also provides long-term financial savings.

Numerous companies stall on introducing effective employee screening programmes as they consider them to be an additional and unnecessary cost. The value of employee screening may seem unquantifiable. However, consider the advantages of bringing qualified, experienced, motivated, and productive employees on board versus the cost and hassle of a less suitable employee who may not even stay with the company, or worse adversely impact on the organisation.

To get the best value possible, employee screening should be implemented as a proactive policy that forms part and parcel of the recruitment process from the outset.

It should include a number of core checks, balances and standards. A thorough background check not only demonstrates a prospective employee’s affinity for the job at hand, but also reveals any potential disciplinary issues at previous companies such as theft or fraud.

Employee turnover is another area where screening can help ensure employee commitment and longevity. A high rate of employee turnover can have hugely negative consequences as the cost of training and loss of productivity begin to add up. Background checks allow the employer to assess a candidate’s work history and see whether their track record in previous positions demonstrates commitment or a potential rolling stone.

Making more informed hiring decisions based on proactive and continuous employee screening eliminates the unnecessary hassle of high staff turnover and unpleasant disciplinary issues and instead opens the door to competent, effective and dedicated candidates that will take your organisation to greater heights.

Written by By Jenny Reid, Director, iFacts               

Jenny ReidJenny is a sought-after speaker and conference facilitator, both in South Africa and abroad, where her experience, insights and sharp analysis of the sector is valued by organisers and audiences alike. Her fearless attitude and tireless energy have made her stand out in the industry; and she has become an inspiration to other women in the security industry.