There’s no denying that automation is a hot-button issue in information security. While some security practitioners feel like it’s a silver bullet, others just aren’t buying the hype. Many organizations are tapping into the benefits of automation as the talent shortage in the space impacts businesses across the globe.

While he’s not in the camp of believing it’s a silver bullet, enSilo CEO Roy Katmor is a strong advocate of leveraging automation, primarily because he thinks it will give security practitioners the ability to focus on more exciting and pressing items that will allow them to reduce risk within the business measurably. Katmor believes that many security departments have to take the hoarding approach to collect as much threat intelligence as possible to make sense of it and build a security strategy around it.

“You’re putting eyeballs on screens and collecting [indicators of attack and compromise], and you have to screen these indicators,” Katmor told InfoSec Insider during a recent interview shot at the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas. “But to do this effectively you have to throw bodies at it, and that turns into an [operations] issue.”

Katmor thinks that this approach has added to the talent shortage that’s plaguing the industry today. However, he’s also a firm believer in automation being an excellent solution to tackle this issue.

In the full video interview below, Katmor discusses how security automation is impacting the time and duties of the modern day security professional, and how the skills they need to succeed will change as a result of the technology.

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Marcos Colón
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