With the number of data breaches taking place throughout the world, trust is hard to come by within any organization. That’s why many security and risk departments within businesses have decided to opt for the Zero Trust model—assuming that there are attackers both within and outside of the network at all times. This may seem like a paranoid approach, but unfortunately, that’s what’s needed in a day and age where virtual walls aren’t enough to thwart malicious actors. During our last episode of DeMISTIfying Security, our hosts explored the Zero Trust model.

This follow-up segment takes things one step further as security veteran Ed Moyle explains how you can get a jump on kickstarting Zero Trust within your organization.

“As with anything is often smart to start small and build rather than boil the ocean from the get-go,” Moyle says.

Rather than dive into the more complex nuances of the topic, in the full-length instructional video below, Moyle focuses on the low-hanging fruit that you can address to kickstart this strategy.

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Photo by Vladimir Kudinov on Unsplash</p