In Tuesday’s initial webcast video, security experts Ed Moyle and Raef Meeuwisse discussed the impact that cryptocurrency mining malware and cryptojacking could have on the enterprise. In this companion video, Moyle goes one step further by breaking down the steps you need to take to ensure your organization doesn’t fall prey to these threats.

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Click here to watch the video.

Ed Moyle
General Manager and Chief Content Officer, Prelude Institute
Ed Moyle is currently General Manager and Chief Content Officer at Prelude Institute. Prior to joining Prelude, Ed was Director of Thought Leadership and Research for ISACA and a founding partner of the analyst firm Security Curve. In his 20+ years in information security, Ed has held numerous positions including: Senior Security Strategist for Savvis (now CenturyLink), Senior Manager with CTG's global security practice, Vice President and Information Security Officer for Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, and Senior Security Analyst with Trintech. Ed is co-author of "Cryptographic Libraries for Developers" and a frequent contributor to the Information Security industry as author, public speaker, and analyst.